Monday, June 11, 2012

the wedding

 reader, i married him :)

friday was wonderful - our wedding was everything we wanted it to be - at home, with celebration but no fuss, surrounded by our family (the Australian half), done our way with our words.
here is my gorgeous girl, fairy emily, with our wonderful celebrant deb holder.  fairy emily, and then all spectators, showered us with rose petals after the ceremony
william's son james did a sterling job keeping everyone plied with champagne (and sent a posse of balloons upstairs)
 my alex was our official photographer and did a magnificent job (more than 450 photos!)
 the cake was amazing - made by sonny at a treat of france french bakery in nicholson st north carlton (where they know us well) - it was a croquembouche made of almond croissants and bedecked with spun and dripped toffee   
 i helped by removing strategic parts of the toffee from the top....
 the ring bearer was rather shy and had to be coaxed out from the under the table
but then he was fine and played his role perfectly
we had 150 balloons and lots of flowers - lilies, violets, roses, stocks, asters, jonquils, iris.... the house smells wonderful. this is the before shot...
and this is the after the party shot

 more photos over on flickr
* thank you all so much for your good wishes and congratulations - we feel surrounded by warmth and love


Annabel said...

And you look an absolute picture. Beautiful. It 's wonderful to see your pictures. So many flowers, so many baloons, so much cake, so many people under the table.........just the job! Best of love to you all x

Kit Lang said...

so many good wishes to you both. :)

librarygirl said...

Oh I love these photos, everyone so joyous and filled with love and happiness.
Thank you for sharing - hope you are having a honeymoon week !

Kathryn said...

It all looks like a wonderful, fun, and joyous celebration that the two of you have found each other and made a life together!
Congratulations again!
(p.s. looove your dress)

DIAN said...

You look beautiful on this special day. Good luck for a wonderful future.